Ski resorts have become a tourist attraction on their own, but if you’re looking for a resort that offers something more bizarre, or even dangerous, the ones below will more than likely give you an experience you’ll never forget.

  1. The Mount Hermon Ski Resort – Israel

When one envisions the ancient and regal country of Israel, it’s easy to only picture vast deserts with small and plentiful towns scattered around a thriving metropolis. You’ll be surprised to learn that Israel actually has its own ski resort set atop the majestic and controversial Mount Hermon.

This mountain sits between Israel, Syria, and Lebanon. Because of this, it’s been heavily contested throughout the years. This explains why there’s something unique about this ski resort – it possesses (protected) minefields, barricaded for the safety of civilians and tourists alike. There’s also an Israeli military base on the mountain that’s used as a base of operations for the patrolling of the border located on the mountain.

  1. Gulmarg – Kashmir, India

The Gulmarg Ski Resort in India is nestled up near the Himalayas. Because of this prime locale, Gulmarg can boast some of the highest mountain peaks that are constantly being loaded up with heavy winter storms. This makes Gulmarg a beloved ski resort for those who live in India. What it makes it so unique is the fact that the highest peak of Gulmarg, which reaches up to 13,058 feet, is only accessible by a single gondola. This gondola picks up passengers at 8,694 feet and lifts them up an extra 5,000 feet to reach the top. Not many people are brave enough to ride it all the way to the top except for expert snowboarders and skiers.

  1. Mauna Kea – Hawaii

If you’re interested in going skiing down a mountain known as the “Mother of All Volcanoes,” Mauna Kea is the skiing destination for you. Mauna Kea is the highest point in the state of Hawaii and can be found on Hawaii’s Big Island. What makes Mauna Kea even more unique is that there’s no resort located there. It’s not designed to be a skiing area at all. There’s only one service road that leads up onto the mountain and it’s meant to be used by scientists. However, it is permitted and is often seen as a bucket list destination for avid skiers around the world.