Now that spring is in full swing and summer is growing nearer every day, optimal skiing locations are dwindling, which is nothing new for this time of year. The key is being able to find locations with the perfect conditions to allow for skiing year round. Obviously, higher altitudes and lower temperatures make for the best conditions, but finding these environments nearby can be difficult. However, if you are willing to travel, the following regions are some of the best for summer skiing.

Tignes, France

Resorts in Tignes are open from late June to early August during the summer months, and the Grande Motte is perhaps the best resort in the area. Not only does it include over 20 kilometers of ski lifts, but a terrain park, tennis courts, biking trails, and even beach volleyball. So, if you are interested in taking full advantage of your stay here and delving into more activities than just skiing, Tignes may be the best place for you.

Saas Fee, Switzerland

The Allalin Glacier in Saas Fee sits at an impressive height of 3,600 meters, and is accessible via train or gondola. This mountain has an enormous selection of slopes with an impressive terrain park to match, and is also home to several fat biking trails. If that isn’t enough, the resort boasts a revolving restaurant at the top of the mountain and a lounge area at the base, comprised of couches, music, and service. Wine tastings and group hiking are just a few of many other activities you can take part in if skiing is not in that day’s agenda.

Stubai Glacier, Austria

Austria is widely known for its visually stunning mountains and ski resorts, and Stubai Glacier is no exception. This houses the country’s largest glacier slopes and 26 different ski lifts, all of which are open from late September to mid June. At the top of the mountain, terrain parks with medium to professional-grade equipment line the flat surfaces, with a viewing platform that extends over the edge. From here, guests can zipline, or enjoy the Goldener Gams restaurant. Prices even begin to drop when the temperatures begin to rise.

Whistler, Canada*

For Mountain Biking Enthusiasts

While temperatures here rarely allow for snow in the summer, Whistler, Canada is a pristine location for those who aren’t opposed to swapping their skis for a bike. Forewarning: the Horstman Glacier located on Whistler’s Blackcomb Mountain is open only to advanced and expert athletes. As a hotspot for mountain sports during the summer, Whistler is full of trails, moguls, and racing gates for bikers of all skill levels to improve their abilities. What once served as slopes and terrain parks for skiers during the winter months are now winding trails and challenging courses advanced bikers can explore.