Going on a ski trip can be loads of fun. Whether you have skied before or you’re a rookie to the slopes, here are some tips for veterans and newbies alike to follow.

  1. Wear a helmet

Wearing a helmet on the slopes could save your life. When at the ski resort, you will encounter many other people all giddy to get their skis on the snow. Wearing a helmet should be a nonnegotiable part of your equipment before you head towards the lift. Falls and crashes between skiers do happen, so you always want to be properly protected if you accidentally miss the ramp you were planning on doing a trick off of.

  1. Watch your speed

Ski resorts can get surprisingly crowded, especially around the peak of the season. People may not realize how fast they are going on their skis and can easily get ahead of themselves, and thus out of control when coming down a hill. Always be cautious of who is around you and how fast you are going down the slopes. Never go faster than you think you can control. Give yourself plenty of stopping time coming to the end of the trail so you can make the turn around quickly to go up the lift again.

  1. Be active before your trip

Remember, skiing is a sport and can drain the energy from someone who is not used to it. Going to the gym a few time beforehand will help you be prepared. Try to do some cardio or light lifting before you go on the trip so you can withstand the physical demand of a weekend long ski trip with your friends.

  1. Be wary of going off course

Stay on piste as much as you can, and avoid going off-piste at all costs. The trails are laid out in such a way to ensure your safety. Accidents can happen when you go off-piste because of the rough terrain and loose snow. Off-piste trails are not as frequently monitored by safety officials either. Stick to the designated trails. Unless you are a highly experiences skier who has dealt with rugged obstacles before, it would be best to stick to those marked as novice or intermediate.