Going an entire summer without skiing can be agonizing for avid enthusiasts of the winter sport. Even more troubling, so much time spent off the slopes can result in a slight loss of ability. Much like a normal workout routine, failing to maintain consistency and going weeks without exercise will make it that much more difficult upon returning. With that in mind, there is a great app for skiers who wish to preserve their skiing abilities during the offseason: SkiFit.

Developed by Neil Maclean-Martin, this app gives you an eight-week workout plan created specifically to target muscle groups used during skiing, improve endurance, and prevent injury amongst other aspects, including over 100 exercises that can be performed nearly anywhere. Maclean-Martin is a renowned ski and snowboard physiotherapist based out of France who has spent over 20 years working in the world of elite sport, and is well versed in musculoskeletal sports injuries, so you can trust that his advice is sound.

The first four phases of SkiFit’s program are aimed at developing your abilities, with exercises increasing in difficulty as you go on. For added convenience, users can choose to complete the whole 60-minute workout sessions in one go, or perform individual exercises should time be an issue. All skiers need is a decent amount of room and a computer (or smartphone).

The first area of fitness this app targets is strength and endurance. Of course, marathon-type levels of endurance are not entirely required for skiers as they are for runners, but these perks certainly help. Running helps build your leg muscles, core, arm and back muscles, all of which are crucial for peak performance on the slopes. Additionally, increasing the strength of these muscles allows you to recover much more quickly following an exhausting day of skiing.

Balance and coordination are essential to skiing as well. Most of the exercises included in SkiFit take this into consideration in addition to strengthening and conditioning, combining the two areas for a more well-rounded workout. This can easily translate to more control at higher speeds, sharper turns, and much more.

SkiFit is the perfect app for passionate skiers of all skill levels who want to ensure that their abilities on the slopes do not decline while they are off of them. It is also just a great way to stay in shape in general. So, before you see the first snowflake fall, consider taking part in this workout program to prepare yourself for the first ski trip of the season.