As the fall season approaches and we grow one step closer to winter, skiing enthusiasts highly anticipate the day the slopes will open, and fresh snowy, white mountains are once again under their feet. No matter what your skiing ability is, even the most advanced skier has something he/she can improve on each year. Maybe it’s your form, or perhaps your technique. Before you hit the slopes this year, consider these tips that can help any skier– even the experts.

High Speed Control

On the steeper, more advanced slopes, it’s critical that you know how to control yourself at high speeds. Not only will this keep you on your feet, but tackling your speed can save you from a major wipeout. Speed control is the key to mastering the steepest slopes.

To hone your skills for high speed control, you have to think about your short radius turns. You should always try to have your turn radius be the same as the natural turn radius of the ski. If your turns are unevenly pressured, you’ll have instability and less control over your speed. To avoid the windshield wiping effect and gain best speed control, when carving in particular, apply an even amount of pressure throughout the entire turn, and steer with your lower body. Once you master this, your carving techniques are considered advanced.

Deep Powder Skiing

A more challenging form of skiing is deep powder skiing. It’s completely different than the man-made slopes you find in common ski resorts. It can be difficult for even the most advanced skiers at a resort. If you want to improve your ski skills, get yourself on a deep powder run.

Some important things to focus on when deep powder skiing are:

  • Maintain an even balance
  • Don’t do as many turns
  • Speed is on your side
  • Always point your eyes, hands, and skis in the direction you want to go

Evaluate Your Form

When you are an advanced skier, it’s easy to hunker down into a comfortable skiing form due to how often you ski and how confident you are when skiing. To become an even better skier, it’s okay to go back to the basics. Make sure your skin form is top notch the next time you hit the slopes. Sometimes skiers get too comfortable, and their weight falls onto their heels. Because technique is one of the most important factors of skiing, give yourself time to do flex testing. Do an ankle flex test and run through other range tests to make sure you have the best technique and form possible.

Get Out There and Ski

You can read up on skill and technique improvement, but the real challenge is getting out there and accomplishing it. Hone in on your skiing skills by hitting the slopes and getting in as much practice as possible. No matter how many times you go down a mountain, there’s always something you can improve.