SkiFit: The Home Training App for Ski Enthusiasts

Going an entire summer without skiing can be agonizing for avid enthusiasts of the winter sport. Even more troubling, so much time spent off the slopes can result in a slight loss of ability. Much like a normal workout routine, failing to maintain consistency and going weeks without exercise will make it that much more […]

Preventing Injuries and Accidents While Skiing

The sport of skiing is one that comes with a high risk of injury given the speeds you can reach and equipment you are wearing. While newer technology and improved gear have been direct causes for decreased injuries as of late, the risk always remain present. Of the most common injuries, 43% occur to the […]

Sustainability in the Ski Industry and Colorado’s Impact

When you’re skiing past snow-dusted evergreens, drinking in the crisp, clean air and enjoying the sprawling Rocky Mountain scenery, it’s easy to overlook the mass of resources spent in the process of operating a popular ski destination. Ski lifts, elaborate lighting fixtures, snow grooming, and vehicle traffic: all of these (and more) cost power and […]

Independent Ski Resorts: A Rising Industry

By its very nature, skiing is a behemoth in the industry department–and just about everywhere else. For years, enthusiasts have gravitated toward the “go big or go home” mentality, seeking out the biggest and most popular mountains to find out what all the fuss is about. That trend, however, is on the downswing. Smaller, independent […]

The World’s Most Bizarre Ski Resorts

Ski resorts have become a tourist attraction on their own, but if you’re looking for a resort that offers something more bizarre, or even dangerous, the ones below will more than likely give you an experience you’ll never forget. The Mount Hermon Ski Resort – Israel When one envisions the ancient and regal country of […]

Heli-Skiing: An Overview of the Sport

Ski enthusiasts around the world are very familiar with this extreme sport, but for those who may not have the same amount of experience, ‘heli-skiing’ can seem like a terrifying idea. While you don’t have to necessarily jump out of a helicopter from great heights, you do have to ride one to reach truly remarkable […]

Iconic Skiing Experiences Everyone Should Try

Choosing a ski destination can vary greatly depending on your needs and what you may be looking for. Taking your family skiing, for example, may require you to seek out more local spots, or those designed for younger children. Skiing solo may compel you to seek out ski resorts far and wide, thus bringing up […]

The National Winter Activity Center: Saving the Ski Industry

Skiing is a pastime with a curiously exclusive reputation. Most Alpine skiers have been schussing down the slopes since before they can remember, having been coaxed into the sport by their parents, who are also lifelong enthusiasts. Some children decide to take it up on their own, but this usually happens only if they live […]

Avalanche Safety and Preparation

This past ski season saw record-breaking snowfall in several regions around the world, and with more snow comes a higher risk for avalanches. The immense weight built up from weeks of snow had led a number of resorts to close down entirely for the safety of their visitors and staff members. While they can be […]

How Should Your Ski Boots Fit You?

Finding a comfortably fitting pair of ski boots can be much more challenging than some people may think. Too small, and you can experience pain all day just by simply standing, not to mention putting weight on your feet when on the slopes. Too big, and you put yourself at risk for serious injury. Finding […]

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