Sean Carothers is an accomplished entrepreneur and business owner based in Oxford, Mississippi. While Sean has experience in numerous industries, he is best known as the owner of Carothers Construction, a leading firm in the construction industry. Outside of work he enjoys engaging in activities that challenge both his mind and body. One of his favorite hobbies is skiing. While the thrill of speeding down a mountain is fun and addicting, the challenge of pushing himself to get better each time he puts on his skies is the reason why Sean has pursued skiing over the years.Sean-Carothers

Sean Carothers first started to ski while he was still in college. After skiing on a couple of different occasions, he became adept enough to the point that he no longer feared he would make a mistake and injure himself. However, after college, he rarely skied. It wasn’t until during the last ten years that he rediscovered the sport. Now Sean describes himself as “consumed” by his passion for the sport. Every season he attempts to ski at least 40 days.

Aspen, Colorado; Grand Targhee, Idaho; and Alta, Utah are at the top of Sean Carothers’ list of favorite skiing destinations. He particularly enjoys skiing at Aspen Mountain in Aspen, one of the best skiing destinations in the United States. One place that Sean hasn’t visited yet, but he hopes to one day, is Silverton, Colorado. Silverton Mountain’s slopes have a reputation for being extreme and ungroomed. Therefore, only experienced skiers get the opportunity to ski on the mountain. Unlike many commercial ski resorts, Silverton Mountain is best accessed by a helicopter, which is how Sean intends to access the slopes.

One of Sean’s best skiing experiences involved heliskiing. The helicopter took off from Victor, Idaho and traveled to back country terrain. Sean traveled with another group that also used a helicopter. After each run, a helicopter picked up the groups and took them back to the top of the mountain. Sean found the helicopter experience almost as exhilarating as the skiing itself.

The best advice that Sean Carothers has for new skiers is: “Find a great teacher. Then find a method and stick with it.” Sean is a strong believer in the Clendenin Method. John Clendenin is a world champion mogul skier who is now in his 60s. He has spent a lifetime perfecting the method and fine tuning how he explains it to students. Sean trained with Clendenin and describes him as “an excellent coach who understands and can explain the nuances of proper skiing technique better than anyone I have ever met.” The method is particularly useful because it works in all terrain.

Over the years, skiing has taught Sean Carothers many lessons that he applies to his career. The two most important lessons are that hard work and dedication eventually pay off and spending time with those that are more knowledgeable than you will ultimately make you more knowledgeable. Sean says that the most difficult aspect of skiing is “maintaining form and rhythm in the bumps.” Just like in life and business, there are bumps along the journey down the mountain. Skiing has taught Sean that it’s important to prepare for the bumps before hitting them—regardless of the form they take. This attitude has helped Sean become a skilled skier as well as a successful entrepreneur.